I'm an investor and a private lender lending my own cash and I'm located in Lowell, IN.
I lend money to borrowers nationwide and a few other countries overseas. I offer all kind of legitimate loans such as real estate loan, Fix & Flips,
Commercial Loans, Investor Loans, business loans, personal loans, debt consolidation etc at an affordable interest rate of 5% with no prepayment penalty.
I am writing too see if you have any deal that needs funding.

Mike Jeffrey

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Hello, I am seeking a funding partner here in Atlanta GA. I have been in the industry since 80s and went online  2000 with a platform for buyers to search & sellers to list their properties on a platform that people looking for a good deal go. However currently I am looking too purchase income units. follow us:  see below proposal on 4-Units complex seeking asset based funding. 


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