Rehab Financing Available - Up to 65% ARV and Up to 100% LTC

Do you need funding for your fix n flip projects either residential or commercial? I have some of the best programs available all across the nation.

We are funding loans up to 65% to 70% ARV and up to 100% LTC in some states, terms are from 6 mos. to 3 years and rates are from 10% to 16%. No doc, full doc and lite doc programs are available. We prefer minimum loan amounts of $100,000 but can go lower on a case by case basis.

Mike Haines - 949-215-7183 -

PS - Transactional Funding programs available for your quick flip, wholesale deals requiring 1 - 3 days financing plus blanket loans for your bulk purchase/refinance projects

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Dear Mr Haines

Do you fund abroad?  I am looking for development funding for a London, England project and need £550,000 GBP for development. I have already:

1. acquired the site

2. obtained planning permission

3. have architectural and structural plans

4. have obtained builders tenders

5. have obtained several valuations of post development which state that the development would be worth around £1,200,000 - but could be higher as London is experiencing a boom.

I would require the development loan for 1 year.  My exit strategy is to refinance and pay off and retain the development for cashflow.  However, the alternative exit would be to sell the development.

Are you able to assist, or do you know someone that could help?


561 427 7246 (US number that comes through to me here in the UK so no charge to you)

Ayshe thank you for your comment I only fund in the United States I don't know anyone who could help. I wish you the bet of luck.

Michael Haines


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