Rodeo Capital, Inc. closes a $3,120,000 Business Purpose Single Family Residence Purchase in Bozeman Montana



57% Loan to Total Collateral Value


6 months Built-In Interest Reserves


Construction Holdback for Subdivision


Complex Deal Structure



Subject property is a Custom Built 3 Bed/2.5 bath 5,478 sq ft Single Family Residence on a 120 acre site. Property overlooks a pond and has stunning views of surrounding Mountain Ranges. The additional property is a 4 Bed/ 5.5 Bath 6,297 square foot single family residence on an almost 11 acre site. New loan from Rodeo Capital allowed the borrower to purchase property and provide the funds needed to subdivide the 120 acres into separate parcels. Proceeds from the sale of the cross property and subdivided parcels will be used to exit our loan.



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