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I am very involved in Cryptocurrency as an investment. I realize this is not a Crypto website but I own this website and I think there are many people on here like myself that invest in Crypto. Let's talk about it! Share your expertise, recommendations, and ask questions. 

Let's help each other make money with Crypto!

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Upfront commission fees

Started by Steven Kowalski Jul 7. 0 Replies

I have started a BTC trade from an online broker. Unbeknownst to me, and my fault for not vetting them, they will not allow you to withdrawal my earnings unless I pay their 20% commission before I…Continue

Investment in cryptocurrency

Started by Morgan Davidson Jun 18. 0 Replies

there are many more way one can also invest and get back profit through a more well experience expertContinue


Started by Carlos Cortez Jun 16. 0 Replies

so how are we going to help each other investing in crypto.? i know by investing but more details are needed, you guys agree?Continue

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Comment by Louis Rosenberg on August 30, 2021 at 12:50pm

I checked out Sandbox when I saw this. Up about 4% today. You seem to pick winners very well. I am probably going to go in on more Litecoin this week. Hoping for a dip below $165 or so. Also considering EverRise which I know you have mentioned before. I have done some reading on it and the upside is very strong. Throw in a couple hundred bucks and just hold it for 5 to 7 years and see what happens. EverRise feels like it could go pretty big.I saw that CELO went way up the last 2 days. Wondering if you hold any of that???

Comment by Admin on August 30, 2021 at 9:20am

Bought some Sandbox yesterday. Plan on buying more Safemoon once the new wallet is properly released. Excited for the future of Crypto.

Comment by Admin on August 24, 2021 at 4:39pm

Lisa lets talk off the main thread hahaha

Comment by Lisa Verholtz on August 24, 2021 at 3:01pm


I already run this website for you and still manage to close over $8 Million in loans per month. I am sure I can find an extra hour or two a week to run a new Cryptocurrency site for you as well. Happy to help if you need it!

Comment by Admin on August 24, 2021 at 2:58pm

Jamie Cafaro,

Thank you for your thoughts the other day. I really do want to create a similar Crypto site but there are a couple of drawbacks for me:

1. I do not have the time or patience to spend all day teaching other's how to properly invest in Cryptocurrency.

2. Many real estate investors will not be interested enough to join such a site.

3. The Real Estate Finance Website is very profitable. A Crypto site would be much harder for me to make money on. 

If I were to create such a site, I would need one of you to be my Admin and run the site for me. As much as I love this topic and have done alright investing in Crypto, I have a 50 hour a week job so I would not have the time to respond or make constant updates, which are needed for the success of a funding or investment website.

Great idea Jamie, but just not enough hours in the day at this time. If you would like to create such a site, or have me create it for you, we can work out a split and I will advise you on how to make the site work. 

Comment by Admin on August 24, 2021 at 2:50pm

Louis I just saw this post you made so I looked at Safemoon and it is literally down 3.08% today. You are spot on sir!

Comment by Louis Rosenberg on August 24, 2021 at 2:47pm

Crypto went down today, in a big way, so I purchased $200 of Safemoon and bought one Litecoin ($178). I usually wait to purchase until the ones I want are down at least 3%. Buy low, sell high!

Comment by Admin on August 22, 2021 at 11:49am

Louis, I agree. Safemoon is one that I bought several months ago, a couple weeks after it was released. I would say Safemoon is one that has a great shot at making Crypto Investors significant money over the next 5 to 7 years. It is very inexpensive and a great one to get in early. One of my favorites right now.

Comment by Louis Rosenberg on August 22, 2021 at 10:30am

If you do not know what Safemoon is, check it out. Do some research. The new #Safemoonwallet is set to be released on August 28. This is major. Good week to purchase Alt Coins if you invest in crypto currency.

Comment by Jamie Cafaro on August 19, 2021 at 9:20am

Have you thought about creating a cryptocurrency website with a similar social format to this website? You obviously know how to make money investing in crypto. You could create a site with a big disclaimer at the top saying you are not a financial advisor and the site is provided as a public forum for people to discuss, promote, and learn about crypto investing. I know I would log on to a website like that throughout the day. Just a thought from a girl that is interested and intrigued by crypto and the money making opportunities that it offers. I would be interested in investing or even backing a website like that. Just let me know if you would like to discuss. This message is for the owner of Real Estate Finance.


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