Do you need an alternative to real estate loans? If the Covid-19, and markets in general, have affected your business – you are not alone.

Time to diversify!

I’m looking for 100 people to represent a 12 year-old company (that I’ve known for 7 years) in providing 100% NON-RECOURSE funding for customers across the country. This funding is based ONLY on credit scores, there is NO up-front fee or deposit, and success fees are paid separately buy the customer only after they receive funds. As a front-line producer, you earn 1 point from each funding – average funding $40k to 80k, or more. If you have a team, or you recruit producers, you can earn 1 point on their production as well.

The Funding Company does all the work. You invest 10 to 15 minutes in each customer to offer them a free decision (received in two days) by the company, as to what kind of funding they can expect. If they move forward – you’re on to the next customer. When they fund, you get paid.

Get 25 front line producers doing only about $100k per month. That’s about $2,500,000 per month. 1 point is about $25,000 – residual income.

Let’s talk.

David Kindopp

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Link not working

Hummm. Tyr this again, OK? This is the basic outline.


Thanks David I'm doing similar programs through my business funding but most of mines are asking for tax returns and bank statements. I will be in touch once I get my scores up inquiries removed and balance is paid down.  I have perfect credit other than. that. My scores are not there. 

Great post David! Sounds like a good program.


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