Working with CFG USA as a Registered Finance Affiliate

CFG US welcomes individuals and firms of all backgrounds who feel that their products and services may be of value to their clients.


Their criterion for affiliation is simple


Working with CFG USA as a Registered Finance Affiliate


CFG Financial Group USA ( with more than two decades of financial service experience working together with CFG US lending partners around the world ‌ ‌).


CFG USA has partnered with a variety of financial institutions and investors to be able to offer a large scope of both pricing and service Funding/Financial Instruments & Performing Note Buy offer options ‌ ‌.


CFG USA offers most of their products and services domestically and internationally, however any product dealing with real estate (such as mortgage notes) the property must be located within the US. Asset enhancement products/services such as leased financial instruments are offered globally, and is one of their specialties ‌ ‌.


CFG USA goal is to enhance the ability to meet the financial needs of financing professionals while building long-lasting strategic alliances for continued ethical business relationships.


CFG USA offers two ways to receive compensation


1) By referring new Registered Affiliates to CFG USA. Those who do this individually, or as an organization, can build large networks from which they will receive 10% of the income received by those agents they bring in. No participation or involvement is required with any transaction, as this is passive income that will be paid in perpetuity for the successful work of their new-agent referrals. Individuals may either be active or passive in developing affiliates for CFG USA. Either option is acceptable.


2) By directly referring new clients for CFG's programs. Registered Affiliates who opt for this route will receive 1/3 of all fees on every transaction they close at the outset. For example, on a $500,000 credit-line with 3% in fees, the total fees will be $15,000. The new Registered Affiliate who sources the client receives 1/3, or $5,000; the Registered Affiliate who found and referred to CFG this successful new Registered Affiliate gets a 10% override of what the new Affiliate makes, or $500, in passive income.


*Agents are de facto contractors of CFG USA and do not represent the company or CFG's institutional lending partner(s)


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