Hello All:


I have scoured and searched the depths of the net for funding and have heard dozens of reasons why I don' qualify or why I should sign up with one scam lender or another... I have yet to hear "Your Approved!"

Can anyone out there help??

I have GREAT deals coming in everyday (one $100k profit fix and flip and a multi-million dollar devo deal)!  I have rehab teams in place in Colorado and AZ. I have 7+ yrs experience as a wholesaler and an established "Deal Hawk!"  I've done deals the hard way.  I just need an investor to come along side and partner with you funds or credit and allow me to get to the next level in this biz.  Will you? Can you? 


I am waiting to hear from you today!


Respectfully submitted,


Tom Muniz, Owner

TDE Investments, LLC

720-944-1371 - office

303-906-3730 - cell

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Hi Tom, 

I can understand the frustration and it is sad the number of unlicensed/scammer "Lenders" there are. 

But, try calling Dohardmoney.com at 800-284-0076 as they specialize in financing quick "fix and flips".  I've conversed with the CEO, Ryan Wright, a couple of times and they Lend in numerous US states, including AZ and CO. 

Good luck. 


Owner/Broker - The Guy in the White Hat

Your Northern CA Lender since 1988!

Thanks Forest!  I will definitely give them a try!

Take care,



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