We are Looking to Buy Non Performing Notes from Banks & Owners!

Any Type of Commercial Non-Performing Notes Wanted! Commercial Notes Only!

No Residential or Land! None Listed with a Broker Please!

One Million and Up! We have NO Limit!

If you have any Non-Performing Notes you need to Sell Fast, please send me a list of them in a Spread Sheet.

We want to look over them before we call to Discuss them with you.

Also, Please send me the Bank Name, Contact Person, Phone#, & Best time to call them.

Please send to the following Email: msimmonsconsulting@gmail.com

Please click on link for more information about our Company: http://www.kingdombuildersfinancial.org/



Marilyn Simmons
Direct* 901-647-8238 or 901-730-1833
Independent Senior Commercial Consultant

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