We Are Paying $5 Million Dollars Plus For A Referral


My name is Calvin Butler; Consultant & CEO of 1st Choice Financial Consultants; aka "FCFC".   
I want to extend to you an opportunity to earn $5 Million Dollars Plus by referring buyers/investors who may be interested in the Rio Vista Mixed Use Commercial Development Project for sale in Rio Grande City TX.

Mr. Garza/DOG Development; "the primary principle", is offering a $5 Million Dollar Referral Fee & has contracted "FCFC" to find, facilitate & assist in procuring investors/buyers for the 486.05 acre development.
DOG Development LLC is the owner of the Rio Vista Commercial Development located in Rio Grande City, Starr County, Texas.
The property consists of Phase 1 79.60 acres and Phase 2 406.45 acres, totaling 486.05 acres through which runs approximately 2 miles of Rio Vista Blvd.
Rio Vista Blvd is a 100 foot wide right of way; Phase 1 - 9.66 acres and Phase 2 - 11.78 acres which totals 21.44 acres already dedicated to the city.
Currently the city has no master zoning laws and any type of use can be built subject to city approval (i.e. a business selling alcohol has to be 1000 feet from a school, etc.).
El Tanque water district has installing a water main the full length of Rio Vista Blvd.
A new high school is breaking ground 1 mile north of our mixed use property on F.M. 755.

Tex DOT is underway with the environmental studies for construction of a by-pass of U.S. Highway 83 north of the city and that will create an on-off intersection with F.M. 755 just south of the mixed use development's entrance.
 In addition Tex DOT is scheduling the start of construction of a reroute of F.M. 755 from the existing U.S. Highway 83 with a route around the city and intersecting with the planned Highway by-pass on-off intersection just south of the mixed use development entrance.
These two transportation upgrades will direct significant regional traffic to the entrance of the mixed use development.

Full project details can be reviewed at our :

Estimated Capital Investment Thus Far
Land purchased
Current Estimated Value: $186,000.00 per acre
Total Current Value: $89,652,000.00
Land donations to; School Board, City, Church, Battered Women's Facility totaling approximately 20 acres valued at $3,640,000 Total personal capital invested

Total Scope of The Development Project; Other Relevant Documents:

Rio Vista Commercial Development Conceptual Land Use Plan http://tmis1.webs.com/RIO_VISTA_COMMERCIAL_DEVELOPMENT_CONCEPTUAL_L...

Rio Vista Commercial Development Job Creation Domino Effect
482 Acre Mixed Use Texas Development for Sale "$75,000,000.00" Or BEST OFFER
Sellers Are Extremely Motivated To Sell & Will Consider .

Price, Terms & Conditions are negotiable

We are seeking 
offers, to purchase 482 acres more or less of phase 1 & 2 "Listed Price: $75,000,000 from any interested buyers.
All reasonable offers will be considered. design plans for a proposed mixed use development project are included.
Note: There Are No Zoning Restrictions & The Property is Cleared For Mixed Use.    

Price, Terms & Conditions are negotiable
*Agents, brokers and consultants referring interested buyers/principles will be paid a referral fee in the amount of $5,000,000.00 "Five Million Dollars and Zero Cents.
An additional referral fee "1.5% of the final negotiated cash sale price will be paid" By the consulting firm “1st Choice Financial Consultants”; AKA, “FCFC” for the referral of any interested principle(s)/Buyer(s) who completes a final closing purchase price.  In the event of an owner financed sale the referral fee will be "1.5% of the 25% down payment" & 1.5% of the paid balloon payment at the end of the loan term.
                                               Full project details can be reviewed at our : http://tmis1.webs.com/

Please review the attached "Conditions of Sale document below. We've also attached a blank Offer to Purchase Agreement if you wish to present an offer to purchase.  

Offers should be forwarded to the offices of:

Calvin Butler/President

1st Choice Financial Consultants
541 East Tennessee Street Suite120
, Fl. 32308
        Office:  850-297-9242 
         Cell:  850-570-6479 

Email: fcfinancial@ymail.com        

Conditions of Sale Doc.

Offer To Purchase


 Thank you!
Calvin Butler

541 East Tennessee Street Suite120
        Tallahassee, Fl. 32308
        Office:  850-297-9242 
         Cell:  850-570-6479

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Hello Calvin - Great to see another Seminole around!

I may have a contact interested in this Project but he will want direct contact with your Principle... Up to 100% financing, LTV is case by case, typically 5% interest rate up to 30 years with creative funding solutions.

If we can negotiate a contract together and allow direct contact with your client, then I am happy to work together on this deal! Happy to sign a NDA & provide a written agreement for this deal.

Linda - 407-340-2319 EDT or linda.legacy.asset.solutions@gmail.com

Hi Linda.

I am one of the principles and we are not interested in financing options of any kind. We are only interested in selling the property. If you have potential buyers who are interested in making an offer to purchase, please email me. My firm is the only point of contact until an offer is ready to be made.

Thank you!

Calvin Butler 


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