Washington DC Area - Home Builder 24 years of Experience and Knowledge- Looking for funding

We have a few current projects on hand and we would like to receive funding. We have tons of knowledge and experience. 

one project we have is as follows:

245K   Acquisition price for the property

Exit: sell the property at 495-529K ARV

repair costs for the project 65K-75K

 second project 

220K Acquisition price for the property 

Exit: sales Price 495- 529K

Repair cost for the project: 75K-85K

Short term 6-8 months  

Looking for a reliable source for long term relationship, we have other project come up.

Mr. Sid Hameed
Office: (240) 764-5347 or (240) 764-5348
Office Cell: (703) 855-3324
Email: sidhameed@BrickfrontProperties.com





"Second Best is Not An Option"

Office Address:
1300 Mercantile Lane (Suite 139 ii)
Largo, MD 20774

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I think we maybe able to help, but will need to review an executive and projects summary. Please include contact information so we can get any questions answered.

Therin Hill, MBA



Hello There,

  I just wanted to share that I would love to see how we can collaborate together on the Funding that YOU are seeking ...

I am direct to a lender that will finance the following:

Oil, Gas, Alternative Energy, Wind Turbine
In Ground Assets
Shopping Centers
Multifamily Apartments
Commercial Properties
Elder Care Facilities
Construction Loans
Purchase Order Financing
Hard Money Loans
Reconciling Balloons coming due
Heavy Equipment Financing
Sale/ leaseback deals
Medical Equipment Leasing
Hotel/Motel Funding
Precious Metal lines of credit to owners
Precious Gems dealers get working capital
Antique and Fine Art

Please email me pamela@cyprusassociates.com

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Try the Funding Sources feature on this website. The list of lenders was originally verified about a year and a half ago so most are still lending although obviously a few may have changed focus since then. We will re-verify the Funding Sources list around the end of this year as well as add several new sources.


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