WANTED: stated income spec loan for up to 7 houses - great credit -investors welcome

7 houses to build on the Oregon coast.  Turnkey cost to build $300k (+/-).  Value of completed homes $400k-450k (+/-).

Great credit score; collateral in other properties as well.

Looking for lenders, equity partners, private investors


Rick 253-227-4864

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if you are the borrower, i would be interested in that deal. 

please email to me the details with the hard and soft cost to me, and i will direct you from there. 

Thank You



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Hello Kathleen,

Obvisouly, each house is different, but generally, they will be about the same:

Soft costs are around $7,500

Hard costs are around $265,000  (includes sitework)

Land payoff (it's currently owner carried contract) is $30,000

we are doing 2 right now and the others to follow.

Thank you,

Rick 253-227-4864

Hello Rick,

I'm interested to help you to get the financing done.  Is it for  $300k x 7 = $2.10 M?  What will be the LTV?   Are you looking for start-up capital of 100% financing?   Let's workout.

Please send reply and details by  e-mail  at   archie@fc4you.com

Thank you and regards,
Archie David
Managing Director,
Finance Centre, Ontario, Canada
T / F:  +  1  416 - 273 8820   M:  +  1  416 - 856 8999     E-mail:   archie@fc4you.com



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