I am hoping this will shed some light for a few people to assist here.

I am a Veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps who recently (December) had my long living grandmother pass away. I was extremely close to her and was fortunately by her side at the time of her demise. Here is where my issue becomes extremely difficult.

My grandmother passed her home along to my aunts and uncles. My aunt whom put quite a bit of work into the home is listed as the Executrix. When I approached her to inquire about buying my grandmother's property I was told that even though I am family I must have the full amount in cash in order to even be considered. I find this extremely hard to swallow that my family is going this to me but I have to spear head the obstacle.

My mother and I grew up in this house during the first 7 years of my childhood and I feel like I should be able to make a deal with my family but they are only interested in the recouping the monetary value and nothing more. The will has been probated and the home has been appraised. The home is not expensive, only around 140k. I was told that I need to have financing in line before they sell. I thought I had time but according to them I have NONE which is why I am here. I am seeking ANY helpful investor that can assist me. I am having issues with securing traditional lending because I have bad credit from a divorce several years ago. I also have full access to my VA Home Loan which has never been used.

If there is anyone out there, or if you know of someone, please help. I am in dire need of the fastest solution so that I do not lose my childhood and grandmother's home because of my family's lack of consideration to family. I can provide anything that is necessary. I am praying this will find a veteran or family member of a veteran who can point me in the right direction.

Thank you so much and God Bless,

Nick Acosta


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Mr. Chad I can not be more serious and more trustworthy sir. I can verify every single line I originated this thread with. Should I email for contact? Either way is fine, and I am readily available.

Nick Acosta


Offer the Executrix full price, owner finance, with 3.5% downpayment to be added to the $140K for total of $144,900.00, 6% fixed interest for 5 years. This will give them an additional $4,900.00 plus 6% interest until you get property refinanced via your VA loan which should take no more then 12 months. And they have an instant sale.


I have tried reaching you by email Chad. Please respond.


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