$381,000,000 Venture Debt Funding Request USA Largest Four Renewal Energy Industries In One Production Distribution Hub Development Project

$381,000,000 Venture Debt Funding Request USA Largest Four Renewal Energy Industries In One Production Distribution Hub Development Project
Alternative Energy Distribution
Alternative Energy Production
Independent Power Producers
Energy Traders
Four Renewal Energy Industries In One:
Bio-Fuels . Liquid Gas . Solar . Wind

$36,000,000 Immediate 620 Acres Louisiana Partially Developed Land Acquisition
Liquid Gas Pipeline Input & Output
National Grid Input & Output
The property located by River Ship Channel with 620 acres and approx. 200 acres currently developed
1,600' River frontage, 40 feet draft, 3600 feet frontage Intracoastal Waterway
Compatible with and previously operated under Class 105 Maritime Security Designation per Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security
The location offers easy access to major thoroughfares serving the SW Louisiana area via its proximity to Interstate 10 Additionally pipeline & grid access located on the property

$345,000,000 Venture Debt Funding
Manufacturer Producing advanced high quality “drop-in” green hydrocarbon biofuel alternative to traditional diesel and aviation turbine fuels produced from biomass and vegetable oil sources by variety of biological and thermo-chemical processes

In addition producing green diesel and green jet fuel with byproducts of propane gas for transportation fuel and naphtha participating in each aspect of jet fuel and diesel production from acquiring feedstock managing construction along with our EPC contractor and daily operations of our jet fuel and diesel production facility
These biofuel products are similar to petroleum based diesel or jet fuel in chemical makeup and are therefore considered fully infrastructure compatible fuels
Green transportation fuels can utilize existing refining infrastructure, pipelines, trucks, pumps and even vehicle fleets
This eliminates the infrastructure compatibility concerns associated with currently available biodiesel fuels
Renewable Hydrocarbon Biofuels meets the petroleum diesel ASTM D975 specification in the United States and EU EN 590
This will allow produced fuels to be legally used in existing diesel infrastructure and vehicles
Bio-jet fuel will be blended up to 50% with conventional commercial and military jet (or aviation turbine) fuel by following requirements in the ASTM D7566 (Jet A-1) specification and U.S. Military Specification MIL-T-83188D(JP-8) respectively intended to utilize a proprietary Honeywell UOP Ecofining™ design with superior catalyst hydro-processing technology
This state-of-the-art system has significantly lower startup costs than competing solutions with a proven ability to process high volumes of various bio-based feedstock

The funds will be utilized to build out the infrastructure for a modular based 10,000 BPD renewable hydrocarbon jet fuel processing plant

Objectives are to be the largest independent renewable jet fuel company in USA
This will provide us opportunities to lower feedstock costs as well as partner with a major airline company for the renewable jet fuel while also participating with the Department of Defense military jet fuel and renewable diesel procurement practices

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