FUND MORTGAGE CAPITAL, INC., as Direct Private Money Lenders we deliver on our promises and look at all hard money scenarios.  We fund COMMERCIAL or RESIDENTIAL hard money loans, our specialty is California. 

Never Any Up-front Lender Fees, Repayment period from 6 months to 5 years. We have programs available for almost any scenario - COMMERCIAL or RESIDENTIAL hard money loans.   All funding, credit and operational decisions and processes are performed in-house.  We provide innovative lending solutions, rescuing people from financial problems, structured and transparent product offerings, exceptional service, and a direct lending platform.  Scenarios can be emailed to me at kathleen@fundmortgagecapital.com.  My direct phone line is 415 877 4416 or toll free 888 910 5752

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Mrs. Glinski,

I have previously contacted you using the e-mail address you provided above and for some reason it did not go thru, anyway's I wanted to discuss some financing that I am in need of.

I can be reached @ creillc@comcast.net





Seeking funding for the purchase of warehouse in the region haute-garonne (france). We buy the property approximately 2/3 full, however, we at the same time rent the property to 100% of their capacity and want to monetize the value of the lease at the time of our purchase. Our original investment price is $ 250,000, however, the value of commercial property, to a ceiling of 8 and 10%. Still us just finding 90 and 100,000 dollars for closed the final purchase, which serra repay over 10 years. We seek to obtain financing on the basis of the assessment with the renewal of the lease in place. Please contact me for more details.



I have 20 plus new construction jobs all Multi-use Construction all backed by Equity with a Network of Advanced construction system groups. The business book is 250 million in loan amounts. The average job is 12 million loan amounts. 

Proven sponsors. Senior Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled nurse care, Student Housing, Market Rate Apts. All locations in US. 

We are looking for, Equity Short falls and project DEBT. 

Grant Smereczynsky 
770-888-2761 or 770-231-4462 


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