There is NO DEBT SERVICING on this Program

The Financial Bridging is a sourcing of Project Funding on behalf of our Capital investment Firm who has established six Investment Programs for Qualified Projects that meet the following criteria:

1)      Asset-worthy, financially and economically viable

2)      Has capable management

3)      Is of worthwhile value

4)      Depending on the Investment Program selected -- Client must have 1% - 2.5% - 5% Reserve Funds available to purchase a Certificate of Deposit (CD) to be held until the project is successfully completed at which time the CD is returned to client.

 This CIF Project Funding Program will consider projects from $1 million USD to $500 million USD. Projects over this limit can be considered but will be done in phases. CIF functions as the investor for 100% of the project cost. In exchange for funding 100% of the Project, CIF will receive a percentage of the Project net profits until such time as the investment amount has been repaid to CIF.

 In the unlikely event the client has a viable project but is lacking the necessary Reserve Funds to qualify for CIF Project Funding we have arranged for a second investor to supply these funds in exchange for an equity position in the project.

 Please advise ASAP


Kindest Regards;

James W. Peterson


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Dear James,

I am looking for a loan to acquire 28 units properties in California. I am lacking the necessary funds for the down payment and closings. Purchase price is 1.4million. properties  actual cap rare 10.74%, annual scedule income 219600.00.

NOI 150,278.00. 4PLX 5, DUPLEX 3, SFR 4= 30. minus 2 sold =28

Please advise if you can do this deal.


You need to make an official loan request which I can evaluate. Are you willing to do that?

James W. Peterson



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