I just logged on here and noticed that someone named "B. Wood" has spammed over 60 of your blog posts in the last 15 minutes. This got me thinking... If he is a real, legitimate lender as he claims to be then he is doing a great job of marketing his business. Unfortunately the real, direct lenders rarely spam other's posts, they simply put up their own blog so others can read it and contact them.

If you want to spam other's posts, by all means do so. This is a business networking website and you are free to do so. On the other hand, if you do this you are taking a risk. If you call yourself a direct lender, expect me to publicly ask you to provide proof of your licensing credentials. If you are spamming as a mortgage broker, that is no problem either but expect to be asked to provide your state and federal licensing for all to see.

My goal with this website is to provide thousands of legitimate funding sources, direct and indirect, for those in need of real estate funding. There will always be scams and fake lenders/brokers but this website has a higher percentage of real funding sources than any other that I have ever seen, by far! Feel free to comment on this thread with your thoughts if you like. I am working to make this site as clean and legitimate as possible. Now that this is a pretty large website, that is getting harder to do but I will always try.

Thank you for using the best real estate funding website online!


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My wall was also spammed by B.wood here is how I dealt with it. Any traffic is good traffic, right?

"Unity West Lending is a Registered, Licensed, Bonded and Insured, Mortgage Broker and Direct Lender who specializes in a multitude of complicated income scenarios. If you choose Unity West Lending you will have nothing to worry about as day in and day out we make the path straight for our borrowers."

Call us we are looking forward to hearing your financial scenario and get you the best possible deal on your mortgage. :) 714-422-0890

Unity West Lending

NMLS#349874 BRE#01886366


Thank you Admin- great to read this

Well its all well and good to call this spam but it is more noxious than that. B. Wood and Charles Clyne and others are not just spamming they are conning. They promise easy money and deliver up-front-fees. Once you send in the fee you will not hear from them again except with a story about additional fees before you can actually get the borrowed funds.

Your post, admin, is a nice attempt to divert attention from the fact that you are enabling these guys.

So far all the replies I have from my post on this site has been from such scam artists. If you've got any legit lenders I have yet to see any evidence.

@Mark Reynolds. We are a legitimate Lender.


At your service!

Unity West Lending 888-748-6489

I agree. I've come across a few lenders who are legit. However, for every one legit, there is 5 - 10 that aren't. 

They have no command of the English language, and won't even address emails by name, just "Attention," or "Sir or madam," or other such things.

They will claim to be out of the US, and will claim they are associated with a UK, or other financial regulating company, but will refuse to provide any proof of their regulations, and the information they will provide, when I inquire into those regulators, from their sites, they'll tell me these are scammers, each and every time.

That's just some of it. By and far, there are way too many scammers on this site. If the people are legit lenders, why don't they submit their information to the admin, and get added to the verified lender link? Is there any reason a lender wouldn't want to be listed as verified?

Your efforts in keeping this real is greatly appreciated!  Thanks for all your hard work. Everyone needs to understand we still need to do our part and be on guard and do our own due diligence.

I couldn't agree more. The main problem I see with all the free sites is that it is wide open to scams, and believe me I see plenty of them. As a 26 year veteran of this business, I have a pretty good idea of what you can, and can't do. Some of the posts I see are beyond the scope of what is feasible in today's lending environment. Let the buyer beware.....



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