This project will consist of a waste-to energy system that will process 100 tons per day of tires.The synthetic gas produced will be used to make both electricity and synthetic diesel.The electricity will be used to power the process unit,and the synthetic diesel can be sold to a distributor.A combined heat and power (CHP) system will be used to produce heat and electricity and a Fischer-Tropsch refining unit will produce synthetic diesel.
Annual Input/Output:
Feedstock-26,00 tons of tires
Synthetic Diesel -1,625,00 gallons per year
Electricity - 3MW
Steel -5,200,000 lbs
Carbon Black -19,240,000 lbs
Annual Revenue Projections
Sale of Synthetic Diesel  (assuming $2.75 per gallon) $4,468,750
Sale of Steel (assuming $.10 per pound) $520,000
Sale of Carbon Black (assuming $.10 per pound) $1,924,000
looking for people that want to help the environment,and be able to profit from it

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