There are so many scams and weird, unnecessary replies, comments, and spamming on international websites. I use and some of the other, larger websites often but I absolutely hate the constant spam and weird scams from many different countries.


Limiting this site to the United States only will not eliminate those issues completely but it will cut down on spam and scams in a big way. As this website grows and begins to get noticed on other, larger sites online, please give me your feedback to this message by replying to the blog that I have just posted by the same title.


Your feedback will be carefully considered but you must give me your response on the blog I have just posted by this exact same title on The Real Estate Finance Website. This is your chance to be heard and shape this great funding website!


Thank you so much!



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Thank you very much for your intelligent comments. If everyone just did their own due diligence, we would cut down on a tremendous amount of online scams.

If anyone is interested, the tab titled Verified Funding Sources is legitimate and all of these sources have been verified.

Thanks everyone!



  Thank you. As you can see, Admin already took action on the ideas and comments of the members here. 

   And yes, all investors, borrowers, and lenders … everyone … should do their own due diligence: spot on. 


The decision has been made, by all of you. I have not approved any members from countries other than United States or Canada since I first posted this blog last week. This is a permanent policy. There will not be a separate website or category to accommodate those from other nations. I do not have the time or patience to deal with such a high amount of scams and constant member complaints. This website as of last week, is U.S. and Canada. It makes my life and all of yours much easier!

All previous members from other countries are welcome to stay. I am leaving this blog post up as a reminder to all that this change has been made. I have received nearly 40 messages to my inbox from members regarding this topic and all but two have thanked me for making this policy.

Enjoy this website. The goal is to provide all of you with great funding resources. It may not be perfect but it is easily the highest quality of it's type online today.


 Thank you, Admin. 

 Here's to an easier time for you!! 

  Best Regards, 


Thanks Andrew!

with the utmost respect for the decision of the Admin, I do not see the option to stay for people outside of the United States and Canada, I think that investors in these two countries will want to fund only American companies, then I can not do other than unsubscribe with the hope of finding reliable people on our continent.
I wish everyone all the best.



Where are you and what countries do you have transactions at this time? I may be able to help. Let me know. Contact me by email at or on Skype: pacificfundpa or you can call my USA number 702-879-9667 or my home phone in Panama where I live, 507-268-3452



Personally, I feel you have made a poor decision. I feel lucky though that I am already a member, a citizen of the United States living in Panama and soon may become an agent for an investor in Saudi Arabia that does commercial transactions throughout the world. By you limiting future membership to USA and Canada companies only I will have fewer competitors on this website.



I agree that it should be US only!!!!!!!!!  International companies or individuals would be difficult or impossible to do Due Diligence on and for International monies, there is a VAT (Value Added Tax) fee that has to be paid to the banks before they will supposedly deposit funds into your bank accounts.  That would, also, open individuals or their companies up to scrutiny or audits by the IRS.  Additionally, some of these banks are tied to countries that are US enemies, i.e., Iran and others.  I, for one, do not wish to profit from any country that does not have the US' best interest at heart.

Admin, I just saw this post, so I didn't realize you have already made a decision on this, which I'm glad you made.  FYI, there are still international scammers on our site, unfortunately. 

All the best to you and thanks for your hard work.

Keep it international in scope, yes there are the crooks out there, but for us who live outside the US it is helpful, the reader needs to be watchful and diligent in what is offered. If it sounds to good to be true etc. Keep the international good guys in the loop.

There are lots of spammers on the internet even in the United States, but the world is a global village and we should try and be careful who we deal with. Borrowers should try and speak with referrals who have actually been funded by the lender they seek.

I'd say US & Canada.....I've never seen a international funding offer come to closure....not through anyone in my network.  The international crowd and scammers can stick to linkedin....


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