I need a short term bridge loan to complete funding contract, willing to pay a premium.


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Two scammers already today Benet Ford and Laura White will both send money as soon as I pay their upfront fee - Yeah right!

Here is "Lara White's" details

IP Address 2607:f8b0:4003:c01::244
Latitude, Longitude 37.38605, -122.08385 (37°23'10"W   -122°5'2"N)
Connection through GOOGLE INC.
Local Time 26 Aug, 2014 03:35 AM (UTC -07:00)
Net Speed T1
Area Code 650
IDD Code 1
ZIP Code 94043
Weather Station MOUNTAIN VIEW (USCA0746)
Mobile Country Code (MCC) -
Mobile Network Code (MNC) -

Are there any real lenders out there?

Thank you Preston, I will be in touch.

Thank you for your reply Robert, please email me on torchy6@gmail,com or call +507 395 1915

I have deleted "Benet Ford" from this website.


Thank you Admin, these scammers need identifying and outing. They are the scourge of a decent website where genuine people are trying to do business.

I agree Michael! We should become more vocal with these unethical individuals and let them know we will not tolerate or condone  bad business practices on this site. That way will build up the integrity of the website to attract trusted professionals who want to expand their business network.

Mckenley, I tried to send in your application but system won't let me and your emails are do not reply. Please contact me, torchy6@gmail.com +507 395 1915. Thanks

One thing I will say about this issue (and it is less of an issue on this site than any other social funding website):

If you think someone is a scam, message me privately. I will not have this become a negative website where everyone complains. If that happens, I will just delete those that constantly make public complaints. If you have an issue where you absolutely know for certain that someone is a scam, message Admin here privately. Also, if someone collects an upfront fee, that does not mean they are a scam. It is when they collect that fee and disappear that they are a scam and should be turned in to the proper authorities. I know several real lenders that charge a fee upfront to process a loan, and they are real legitimate lenders that charge the fee because most borrowers and brokers do not know if their loan is real so why waste time on a request that is likely to be incomplete.

I hope this is clear because I won't let this website be like some of the giant sites (you know which one I mean) where out of every 10 posts, 6 of them are just complaints.

More brokers need to be smart like Mckenley Washington and be able to figure out what is real versus what is fake and act on it accordingly.

Thanks guys.

Agree entirely Admin, and will take the course you recommend if it should happen again. The reason I posted Laura White's details above was because she was claiming to be in Virginia but was emailing from California, she wanted her fee sent by Western Union which is another red flag.

Absolutely. Western Union is a red flag. Just message me privately.


Well said Admin!. Lets keep the focus on the positives about the real estate finance industry and let rest  work itself out.

What if someone keeps e-mailing me to send them my Bank information 

for the loan I'm trying to get. the mans name is (Jerry Mike) and he is on this site 

can someone tell me if the man is for real. I no i need the loan to start my Rehab Project

but giving someone my Bank Account. 

Yours Truly Really Desperate !


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