I need a short term bridge loan to complete funding contract, willing to pay a premium.


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Carlos, you should address issues like that directly with the ADMIN of the site so he can Address the matter in more of a discreet manner. As far as your loan request you can start your funding request here: http://www.connectlending.com/portal/15548/home

I thought i was, so sorry i hope i did not get someone in trouble just needed the information but no one talking.

Thank you for the heads up.

You didn't get no one in trouble we just want to maintain a certain level of professionalism on this site. send me your name email and best contact info and I will send you an application for funding


Thank you. I like the way you do things!



Thank you as well. I like this site and I want to be sure I maintain the integrity so others will do the same. P.s. when are you gonna have me as one of the featured members
I sent you the application for funding

I am disappointed with response to my request. I have been contacted by four scammers, one doubtful and several who look legitimate but do not follow through. Are there any real lenders out there that want to do business?

The same here 5 told me that they do 100% and then they ask me for my bank account to send memoney and no money. i gave them a bank account that had no money. I called the bank and i was told that someone tryed to take out money.


I replied to your email with an application several days ago. As I've mentioned I am brokered with a lender that will loan up to 100% purchase price and 100% of rehab costs up to 65% ARV. They do require a one-time application fee of $295. I don't make a nickle til the deal closes and funds. They only lend in certain states, but their terms and costs are quite reasonable considering the relative high risk of funding 100% of a project (that's extremely difficult to find, sir.) They are totally legitimate, as am I. Would be happy to help you move forward. Please call me at 801-608-9606, or email dgreener66@gmail.com

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