"ATTENTION" All Cash buyers/investors! Senior HealthCare facility for sale in Ca. Gross income of $8,000,000 a year, an NOI of $2.3m a year and growing and the ability to add to the complex for another 44 rooms. ASKING $33M plus %3 Buyer Fee. and needs to be a very good offer or he won't sell. LOI and POF is required from the seller which who I am direct to, message me only if you're serious. Please No negative comments or you will be blocked, thank you!

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Hello Mr. Joe, this is Darwin Amos, Trustee for The Cash Alliance.


Within our nationwide Alliance we have  dozens of principal private  accredited investors and equity companies, with well over 400 M in aggregate funds who would be interested in reviewing this opportunity.

Question:  Are  you already covered by the Seller via a FEE/NCND agreement?

 Please contact me at at : info@thecashalliance.com.  We can work together under your referral agreement, and I can present this offering direct to my Investors via email ( over 300 vetted cash players) while fully protected by your Seller. 

Thanks...standing by

Darwin Amos, Trustee

(424)234-3541 tel/text 

The Cash Alliance



Yes I am covered. Are you the actual buyer? Please message and text me. My contact info is below...
E: leemoneyjoe41@gmail.com
P: 843-409-4746 please text me first.


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