Good Day to private lenders,

I am a former mortgage professional with 20 plus years; however, I have decide to move into purchasing properties for fix and flip potential.  I have a associate working with me with over 30 years of real estate, building and investing in properties, therefore we are combining our background to move into a different direction of earnings.

We are coming across properties, that we believe could offer us a good return; however, the issue is funding:  How Much: Terms: QUALIFYING: We are seeking loan amounts between low 20's towards $100's with possible 20% returns after purchase/Rehab/Closing Costs.

We are seeking the opportunity to obtain pre-approval(s) prior to making an offer on a subject property. There is nothing worse in making an offer than not able to obtain funds and close.  Our credit history is good, scores in the 700's, our cash on hand is limited.  

Is there anyone available to discuss this issue and willing to work with us on financing properties. You can email with any information, concerns and questions you may have at  

Thank you,


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Hello Bill, let me know if you are still interested in funding?

You can contact me below so we can discuss how best to move forward with the processing for your funding. 


Mr Undreese Gulley 


Looking forward to hear from you. 


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