Seek funding of $450k for purchase like to close in 30 days.  Rental income $3800.  

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Hi David,

Marc Simpson with Peak Choice Capital. We provide small balance commercial bridge and conventional financing. We can close within 2-3 weeks if not sooner. Please feel free to send more details about the transaction and property and we will let you know if we are willing to issue a commitment within the same day in respect of your time. 65-70% of the purchase price is our maximum unless crossed with another commercial or investment property. 10% seller subordinate is allowed.

Marc Simpson

Skype: EmpoExpo

Hi David:

Just saw your post. I may be able to assist you in your funding.

Please give me or my partner Mike a call to discuss further.

Ann O'Rourke



Depending on the downpayment, we can close in 2 to4 weeks, send over executive summary and financials for review.

John Broussard

Newbridge Investments

713-777-9996 Ext 103


Hi David,

If you are still looking we have an excellent multifamily program. 30 year amortization, 5 years fixed as low as 3.875% on Tier I properties. 3, 5, 7, and 10 year hybrids available, along with an ARM tied to 6 month Libor. For details Thanks.

Hard Money Mike 443-838-9563

up to 80% Investment, 65% cashout, 85% Commercial

Ft. Myers FL. Since 1971. fishermike50@gmail


We have a Small Balance program that this is a fit for. Where's the property located? Email and cell are the best means of contact. Look forward to hearing from you.


Copelon J. Kirklin
Business Relationship Officer
Institutional Banking Services, N.A. CORP
401 E Las Olas Blvd Suite 1400
Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33301
Office: 954-889-5827 ext 803
Mobile: 225-304-2634


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