Other Information:

  1. Original Appraisal $580,000 in 2008
  2. Principals Credit Score 630
  3. Property located in Providence RI
  4. Principal business is commercial construction
  5. Use of funds is for working capital for projects in process
  6. Need fairly quick turnaround

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Hi Howard,

What type of property is this exactly? It fits our small balance commercial criteria but not sure if it's classified as commercial with us.

Best regards,

Marc Simpson

Hello Marcus............ Please send me your contact info so I can invite you via e-mail to box.com for

full details of the project. hweldon301@msn.com 401-525-6544. It is an office warehouse.

Hi Howard:

Please give me a call. I can help with your funding request. I am close to Providence RI.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Ann O'Rourke

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