Seeking $600K Loan on Asset Value at $3.5M - Best Location.

Single Family Residence(SFR) property located in Beverly Hills,CA 90210 - acquired 14 years ago.

1. Seeking Lender for $600k operational/construction funding for 12-18 months. Fast Close.

2. Property Appraised 2014 at $3.4M

3. First at $1.2M. 30% Debt To Equity 

4. Keep 1st Loan in place (3.5%), and Lender does 2nd as     /Construction/ loan or L/C.  Might consider Refi/Cashout depending on rates.

5. Seeking Lender for $600k for 12-18 months. Fast Close.  - Very Low Risk - Short Term 

6. Funds are to build Second Residence on adjacent lot - This will increase the value of the underlying asset by $3.5 to $4.1M. Funds also used for operational and to subdivide existing lot. 

7. Another $5.0M Construction Financing in 12 months will be required for these 2 projects. (Total ARV - $15M)

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If you are still seeking funds for this project we can assist you with that and close quickly. We are located nearby.

Give me a call (310)480-4447 or


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