Aloha, has anyone worked with Richard Milford in regards to commercial financing? His website is very simple & thorough, but no HISTORY of prior/past clients or closings... 

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Give him a call. That is the best way to find out if he is legitimate. I have spoke with him on the phone so I know that he is accessible.

Thank you Admin for this type of communication. It's very important in the business relationship.

Happy Holidays to all our members

Good day from Baltimore, MD

Mahalo's (Thank You) for your response... So you spoke to him over the phone & if you do not mind or take offense, what was your assessment concerning Mr. Richard Milford's expertise? Does his firm have their own monies of lending to a certain cap? Is he DIRECT to other LENDERS & if so, how long is his relationship with them? Has Richard CLOSED within the thirty (30), sixty (60), or ninety (90) days?

Anyways, you CATCH my drift & what I am eluding too...

Again, mahalo's for the response.

God Bless, Gil

As the Admin for a large funding website (this one), I'm sure you understand that I cannot endorse any lender or broker over another. I would suggest that you email him or give him a call. He includes his phone number on most of his posts on this website.


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You seem to spam a whole lot of other people's posts on this website, such as this one right here. Why do you include a fax number on your posts but not a direct phone number? Why do you just spam instead of making your own posts? How about marketing your business with class and common sense instead of being rude, low- level, and really pathetic? This post is about a specific individual named Richard Milford. How does that warrant a couple thousand words of completely unrelated response? Do you actually fund loans? Please message me, ADMIN, and let me know your thoughts. Normally I just delete people like you from this website. What is your response sir?


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