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This website does not promote or sponsor any lending sources at this time. We do have a funding sources page. Over a year ago all of those sources, with a few more recent additions, were thoroughly verified. They may not all still be in business now, but they either are or at least recently were actual direct funding sources. Always start there.


Regarding constant complaining about scams and fake lenders:


This is not the website for that. There are plenty of places to waste the day complaining. This website is not one of them. One complaint, sure that is understandable, but when the same few people complain and yell scam constantly, I will start deleting these people from this website. I will not allow this website to turn into a complaint site for losers that don't know how to do their own job. If you have a question, ask it publicly and you will likely get answers. If you are in the real estate business, or mortgage business, learn how to do your own job. Learn how to verify a funding source. Learn the loan process and why each step is important. If you get taken for your hard earned money, it is your own fault! Don't give up your money until a service has been performed. If you pay upfront for a 2% commercial loan and lose that upfront money, it is your fault! If you expect a loan from a lender that is not in your own country, wake up! Lenders lend in their own country, with a few exceptions, and if you cannot find a lender in your own country willing to lend you money than you are either unqualified or the property is not worthy of a loan against it. Just be realistic and if it sounds too good to be true, it is! Learn your job, learn what a real lender is and how they operate.


If you wish to complain, do it once and let it be done! Don't call another member of this site a scam unless you can prove, really prove, that they are. Most people lose their money because they don't have a real loan, a solid property, or have ridiculous expectations. Don't give money if you cannot verify the lender. You, yourself need to verify, not yell scam just because you have no clue how to make a loan or what a qualified property is.


Please help me make this the one positive funding website online. No member bashing or you will be deleted and your email address banned. This site needs to be a positive resource. If you truly get scammed, email me, and have PROOF of it. Do not expect an immediate reply but within a few days you will have a response. Before you do that, please do yourself and your clients a favor and know what you are doing before you seek funding. Learn the business and what a lender needs before you cry foul!


Please be positive, know your job, and do YOUR OWN due diligence. It will make you more professional, more successful, and keep this site positive and helpful to the thousands that are using it. The more you know how to do your own job, how to spot a fake lender or broker, and what a qualified property is, the more money you will make and the better your own reputation will be!


This post is being made by the owner of the real estate finance website. If you would like to comment or reply to this post, please do, but keep it positive. So many business and funding websites are mainly negative, not this site, we are going to keep this a positive community where you can find funding, post questions, read and post news and information, and interact with thousands of mortgage and real estate professionals.


Thank you all very much for reading and using this great resource.



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Mr.Rio Chad,- he's on a totally separate site called, " linkedin,"  along with heaps of other," Financiers," including some new guy from ( try not to larf ),- the," City of Brazil ",- at school I was taught that Brazil was a Country in South America,- not a City !!!!  This guy with the name of, Jospeth Amir, says he's a legit international financier, and operates from many countries, but mostly from the city of Brazil. He says all applicants must pay an up-front fee of US$1,250 before any paperwork can be arranged, then there's other fees as well before one can receive their loan. I contacted him out of curiosity, and amongst our email conversations, asked If I could promote his services IF he in turn would give me a Spotters Commission,- to which he replied," Yes,- 5% of each loan's profit-margin. BUT till I can find a way to verify this person & his Loans Business,- I am not interested.


I also came across to so called Mr. Rio Chad. I think anyone that spends the majority of there time convincing you that they are really a legit lender is a big red flag. When I was offered 3% interest on a unsecured loan of $100,000 that was when I realized that this guy is a joke and nothing but a waste of my time. He wanted a upfront fee of $495 before we could proceed. He needs to be removed from this site immediately what a dick LOL

It would help if someone could recommend a few simple steps to take to verify a funding source. There are many who are inexperienced and simply don't know. Therefore they find themselves having difficulty. Sharing the knowledge and experience you have in a clear concise format will help prevent this and make this a better site.

I'll recommend in a bit. I want the steps to be clear. It's a good idea.

Steps to verify a lending source. In my opinion.

Firstly, a borrower should ask themselves simple questions. Is this firm a brick n mortar establishment or is their business conducted over the Internet or both?  Having a company that operates almost exclusively over the Internet (and having a small, local office for closings) allows companies to play in the global field immediately. Look at Amazon for example. How long has the firm been in business? Who are some of their clients? Are they publicly traded?

Borrowers should then ask themselves several other important questions, “Am I ready to borrow now? Do I have the down payment? (if an acquisition.) If so, how much do I have? Is it enough? How much do I need to borrow? What is my exit strategy? How will the lender know this? What’s the LTV”?

Does the borrower see a pattern in the questions they’re being asked? Or is the lender all over the place? Is the lender asking legitimate questions? Is the borrower speaking with the originator or a clerk? Did they forward an application?

To put it plainly, a borrower needs to have realistic expectations before they even pick up the phone or there’s really no sense in going any further.

Secondly, does the firm the borrower is going to deal with have a command of the language? Do they speak using proper grammar? Do they talk all around the subject or are they listening to the borrower’s needs? Does the representative speak up or do they mumble? Do they rush the conversation? Did the borrower speak with more than one originator? Why? Do they interrupt with talk about up front fees and to meet them somewhere in Guam to give them cash before they can “go any further in the negotiations”?  Does it appear the borrower will end up on a Dateline NBC with Chris Hansen episode? Is there a phone number available? Do they pick up the phone? Did the originator call at 3am and sound desperate? Do they have a nonchalant attitude like they don’t want the business? Do they have the acumen and the nomenclature?

Does it sound like they have borrower’s best interest or are they quick to get the borrower to sign a 38-page Exclusive Contract before they even send an application?

Lastly, borrowers have their guard up and understandably so but they also need to be prepared in their mindset, their professionalism, their attitude, their paperwork and their expectations before calling lender one.

Trust but verify. It’s like what Mr. Fahey said above and I agree with him. Legitimate sources don’t need to convince a borrower. I’m talking about the lenders that make $8m a month in interest. But in the same token, some borrowers require mounds of evidence before acting. It’s not possible to convince everyone.

Below are several links to "Why Commercial Loans don’t close". I highly recommend any CRE borrower to read them. These links are trusted sources and I’m not capable of writing code. They’re easy reads written by professionals with whom I have the highest respect for.




Hello.  I'm a licensed mortgage loan officer and would like to be listed as a lender here. How can I contact you for verification?

Well said. Although having given that compliment, there's many a person, who is simply too lazy to do any research on the subjects of Real Estate, &/or Finance for Real Estate, no matter where they live.

As for International Finance,- here where I live, ( Rural Australia ), it is heaps easier for myself to chase up an legit offshore financier, than to search the local financiers simply because of their narrow-minded attitude,- anything outside of a well-known town, or city,- they don't want to know about, while or anything vaguely Rural, unless one is a wealthy farmer, with heaps of farmland,-the same narrow-minded attitude applies.


Hello Roger. You (and others) could also seek out financing from this site. 99% of the lenders here are legit because we've been vetted. What I'm saying is, it's more than: off shore folks and chasing them down until they're good and ready to talk to you or dealing with the locals who don't care.

What I've seen the past three years is borrowers insisting the actual lender (the person with the actual money), this person to physically sit next to me. Why? So the borrower can save themselves that .0001% fee. Yeah, don't allow the guy with 4k lenders in his database to earn a living.

Most borrowers insist on calling one lender after another. Ironically spending money on phone calls and losing time on the phone and hearing the same answer from all hundred lenders. "No. you need________". Instead of hiring a facilitator.


Dear Admin and other readers

Due Diligence is your only friend to safeguard your money.  Whilst many people on this site are looking for legitimate funding sources, many will find there are unscrupulous people posing as lenders but in fact are scammers.

I have encountered one on this site and have carried out my due diligence and in so doing found them to be scammers.

Here are the steps I follow when doing my due diligence:

1.  Always ask for a contract

2.  Most scammers wll pose as a company.  No matter which country their company is supposed to be registered in, do a company check on them, example google HOW DO I CHECK IF A COMPANY IS REGISTERED IN SOUTH AFRICA?  You will get to the government registration site and will be able to see if the name AND the registered company number, address is there.

3.  Ask who their lawyer is, then check that the lawyer exists.  Again do a Google search eg HOW DO I FIND A SOUTH AFRICAN LAWYER.  There will always be a site where lawyers are registered on and you should be able to check the legal firm's name and the specific lawyer.

4. Check out the domain name of any email address you are given on the registration site

5. NEVER send money via Western Union.  Only after verifying that they are truly a legitimate company, should you transact money via your lawyer and their lawyer therefore protected.

6. If the scammer asks for funds upfront for transfer of funds cost, specify that when they send the money they are to tick the box that the RECIPIENT is to pay the charge.

I hope the above helps. Stay safe and good luck with all your investments and funding requests.


If you have encountered a fake lender or other scam on this website, and you can prove this, then let me know and include proof. Lots of people cry "scam" when really they just don't know how to properly identify whether or not a transaction deserves funding, or they submit a loan and get turned down for submitting an incorrect or improper loan request and get upset and cry "scam". There is no way to completely ban scams from a website so unfortunately, although there are less here then on other sites, some fake lenders will always slip through the cracks. I will say one thing here as the Admin for this website... If you lose money to a scam or fake lender IT IS YOUR OWN FAULT! 100% of the time, it is the person paying an upfront fee without properly checking out the supposed funding source. If you need funding, and cannot find it through a LENDER (not a broker), then give up and find a better, more suitable transaction. Don't start submitting it to so called brokers in other countries or far away states. If you cannot find a lender in your area or region, give up and move on to the next transaction. If you send a fee, make sure you check out the source. All real lenders will charge fees in the first few weeks of the funding process. If you call yourself a lender and say you will not charge a penny then everyone now knows from the Admin of this website that you are a liar. You will charge a fee if you are a lender. Every loan has legal fees, appraisal, and other miscellaneous costs. The borrower will have to pay these. No lender will pay them. That is okay as long as the borrower thoroughly checks out the funding source. VERIFY YOUR FUNDING SOURCE WITH A TITLE COMPANY IN THE LENDER'S HOME CITY!!! Look at their website (unless it is one private individual, they will have a website. Contact the local Chamber of Commerce and BBB if you have to but do your own due diligence! If you lose an upfront fee, it is your own fault and you should learn how to do your own job before throwing money to someone that you don't know. If you try to get funding, get it from a funding source in your own country. If you cannot find funding in your own country, you do not have a real estate transaction that deserves financing and you will lose your money trying to get funding from outside your own country.

If you say that you lost money from a funding source then it is your fault for not doing enough due diligence. Nobody cares if you are looking for sympathy. Every experienced loan professional knows it is your own fault and you only get sympathy from others that don't know what they are doing. You can all get together and cry "scam" while everyone else just shakes their head and thinks you should stop pretending to be a loan officer or real estate investor and get a real job. Am I being too harsh? NO! It would be nice if people learned how to do their own job instead of constantly going online and complaining or looking for sympathy. Learn how to invest in real estate from someone that is already successful at investing! Learn to work a career in real estate finance by working for an actual lender!

Just my two cents. If you actually listened and read this a few times, you would never lose your money to a fake lender or broker again!



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