My client needs funding to Refinance Commercial Office condos and take cash out.

Location:  Delray Beach, FL

Loan Amount: $78,000

Value of Property:  $550,000

Existing Note: $38,000

Cash Out: $40,000

Looking for 2 year term

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I know the Admin of this site is working hard to weed out the fraud,
swindles and fake however, everyone should do their own research; search
phone numbers, names, company’s names, and e-mail address before you give
any personal information…

Red Flags! No website, no phone number, offering unrealistic terms/rates;
there are some people out there just looking to get your info, others make
a living on upfront fees.

Remember it is easy to change phone number, use alias, and e-mail address,
so finding little or nothing about the person, company, e-mail address, or
phone number is a red flag too.

Best Regards,
Tony Chorrushi
765 236-6002

Hi Dr. Rick,

Marc Simpson with Peak Choice Capital. We would be glad to look into the deal as it seems to fit our criteria for our small balance commercial financing. Feel free to send over more details for further consideration. Decision times are within 24-48 hours so we won't waste your time if the client doesn't qualify."/>
Hi Dr Rick, would happy to work this deal at our company
we have up 60 Direct Lenders to chose from call at 585-503-8158
E mail to ( Venture Commercial Capital
Advisors ) thank you Jack Taromino/Commercial Loan Specialist.

I can definitely do this.


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