Contact me for all kinds of loan..I lend around all areas in the United State.

It fast and reliable.

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I need to speak to someone immediately regarding a fraudulent activity a promise of a lender he took every last penny i had as i am a single mom of four children and trying to start up my company and was promised a loan for 65K, if i took out an insurance policy with splash insurance company so i wired 1145 to insure my loan from investor,, so ii did and they sent me this joke of  a policy that was a jpeg from the internet.. I need assistance as to what to do now, i am alone with four children trying every way possible to get my llc up and running now i am broke and devastated.

If you have any advise feel free to contact me at 267 776 1026 kris deering

In need of a gap lender for closing costs of  $4,200 for a fix n flip I'm doing in Georgia with potential profit margin of 75,000.



Please send me the details and criteria for your rehab loans.  I have a property under contract for a fix n flip and am looking to move quickly to get the project started.  Send all info to




Hi Vernon,

I found your posting on real estate finance. I would like you to look over this opportunity and let me know if you're interested.

We're bringing in a money partner to fund the following great deal:

 The value of the property is $65,000 after we spend $6,000 getting it ready for occupancy.
Our projected profit is $35,000 over 7 years!
We will rent the property for $750 monthly or sell with wraparound terms for $435.
We are looking to borrow $32,972 at 8% for up to 7 years secured by a 1st position lien.
The amount owed on the property totals $0.00 with a total monthly payment of $0.00.
The ITV or investment to value is 50.7% with a $32,038 cushion of equity to protect you.
Monthly payments on this investment are are $219.82 a month, interest only.
Would you like to learn more about this opportunity?  


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