We are a financial institution and As a Direct Lender and Angel Investor, We will get you Pre-Approval within 8-24 hours.
Specializing in Real Estate Investors Funding, Construction Loans, Start up Loans,Mortgage Loans, HUD Personal Loan, Business Loan, FHA Loans ,VA loans Conforming
Loans etc.We fund early stage-start-up ventures, partnership, existing Ventures and do total completion and investment expansion projects. Leverage walk-in equity on
discounted commercial or residential purchases by employing our funds for down payment & closing costs. Qualify for better Rate & Term based on a lower LTV but still
achieve high CLTV or REPLACE down financing. Funds available for acquisition, rehab or carrying costs including CASH-OUT! Advance equity fund disbursement based on
verifiable walk-in equity. No income, asset or credit requirements. Seasoned Funds for reserves and earnest money also available. Brokers welcome! Contact us for
start-up funding, commercial RE Finance, seed capital, early stage start-up ventures, Joint Venture/Partnership investment with liquidity from our part,
Loan,Mortgages. We can fund excess of $800M.

Contact us now with an application and we will review, confirm and get back to you with the funding proceedings.

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Re: Rehab Loan Request
Property location: Chicago, IL 60636                 
I am a Mortgage Broker and are responding to a posting here on this Real Estate Finance Blog citing your ability to provide asset based real estate and rehab financing. The applicant already owns the property
She bought the property with cash several years ago, and are just beginning to initiate and complete the needed rehab work, but she need to get a loan for the rehab cost. The proposed borrower has low credit scores (560) Let me know if this is a deal that you can do.
We are seeking a 6 month loan term, applicant plan to sell the property upon rehab completion and repay the loan pay in full at that juncture.  Please furnish me a secure email address to correspond with you so I can submit the applicant personal details and credit report

Ben Perkins
708-870-3030 Phone 

Brian , I 'm looking to cashout investment property to pay rehab debt and pay for up coming wedding ( daughter)  great cash flow . looking for mtg or bridge loan .  let me know if this is something you can do !  thanks Ed  freedomamust@yahoo.com

Hi. Was reading your posting: No income, asset or credit requirements. Does this mean you'll work with someone who doesn't have "skin in the game?"

I'm looking at a few different deals, and would consider a JV, offering 50 - 70%.

1) Asking Price: $249,900. Total income annually @$50,000.

2) 449,000; $50,000 annually

3) $739,000; $90,000

4) $1,275,000; NOI $120k.

If any of these are of interest, let me know if we can work something.

Hello I been fliping property for 15 years with 27 years in the reo rehab business for bank own homes . can you email me your requirement for funding Thanks You Kent Williams Burrell001@gmail.com

Do you  do  deals in Oregon state ? respond   NORTHWESTREALESTATE@LIVE.COM

Please send information to aegisglobalrei@gmail.com so we can determine how we might work for you. Please include your loan application and approval process. Thanks.

I would like to send you an application. What is your email address?

I am looking for $300,000 in startup money.  I will offer a 20% ROI within 35 days.  If interested, please contact me at:

joeguzman@ureach.com and/or 708-945-1110.  Also, I am seeking Investors who wish to invest in the Gas & Oil industry with and investment of between $2 - $5 Million.  Details will be provided when contacted.  Thank You.

Hello. I would like to talk to you regarding your services. I am looking at several real estate deals ranging from $200K to $9M
I am looking for a hard money lender but I am also interested in your seasoned funds programs.
Please email me at evergreenreinvestments@gmail.com or call me at 720-626-4323
Thank you
I look forward to working with you
John Galloway

I can help you with your loan with no Upfront Fees. You would have the privilege to deal with direct private lenders that provide short and/or long term loans that you want. These loan programs are used to finance your Project/Business/Properties and we close loan within 2 weeks max.

For more details and inquiry contact:

John Lewin


(978) 276-9538

PLease advise how I can get funding for multiple projects.



PLease advise how I can get funding for multiple projects.





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