Fellow lenders, 

   An investor in Florida has asked me to find $60,000 for a duplex he owns. He stated however, that he does not want a second lien position, or a HELOC. He is looking for a cash partner or a non-bank line of credit (i.e. no credit cards). Use of fund for down payment on a 4-plex with the duplex as collateral.  This investor has 12 years of experience, 720+ FICO scores, and good cash flow from his current investment properties. 

  This is all I have at the moment. I can get more information. 

  Please email me at: support@anchorcreicapital.com 

  Thanks in advance. 

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DavidAllenCapital Registerd Broker

 The investor has decided to 1031 this property. 

  Thanks to all who offered to help. 


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