For Non-Judicial Foreclosure States

Loan Amount: $75K - $3MM

Term: 12 months with 6 month extension(s)

Acquisition LTV: 80-90% (up to 60-70% ARV)

Interest Rate: 8-12%

Points: 4-6

FICO: 620+ (can go as low as 580)

Rehab Budget: up to 40% of PP 

Prepayment Penalty: 3 month loan maintenance required

Side note: Funding is available for Judicial Foreclosure States for this program as well.

Let me know if you're interested. Look forward to working with you!

225.304.2634 -

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contact or 412-701-1720 Raoul. Need immediate funding, to purchase and close with rehab. 

Current funding my fall through.


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