Dear Sir,

We are seeking property funding over a 5 year period to build a portfolio of properties for social housing.

Further details available to principal funders on request.i

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Approximate Terms:

➢ 12.75 % to 13.50% Interest
➢ Starting at 4.0 points to us if you have Mortgage Broker License; you add your points to that; NOT TO EXCEED 8% TOTAL.
➢ 50% to 65% loan to value;
➢ 3-Year Term; Interest Only;
➢ Doc. Prep Fee, $500.00: Wire Fee: $40.00
➢ Borrower pays all closing costs.
➢ Will go out of State for $350,000.00 minimum. (East Coast).
➢ No Vacant land, Homestead or Primary Residence: _____ Initial _____ Initial
➢ Out of South Florida- $250,000.00 minimum. (I.e., the rest of the State).


Hans Restuccia

Hans Restuccia
Executive Loan Officer
Principal Lenders Group Inc.,
200 S. Biscayne Blvd. Suite 2930
Miami, Florida 33131
C- 305-496-6788
F- 786-472-4101


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