Am a private lender, giving out loans at 4% interest rate, and i can fund within 5 working days, i currently have funds available to lend, if you want to do business, get back to me for more information at

Cell: (727) 755-7072


Vavoulis Mario
Lending Financial Inc
(727) 755-7072

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Mr. Mario,

Good evening. My name is Dwayne Moore and I’m a real estate investor in Chicago, IL. I saw that you’re looking to lend money at 4%.  Please advise me on the requirements for funding! Thank you in advance!

do you still need private lending?


I am looking for private lender to fund rehab, fix and flip deals.


Carlos Soares

Century21 Central


Carlos. My name is Monty. I own this website and the new Please message me answers to the 8 questions below. I may be able to help with your fix n flip needs.

Thank you sir.

1) Size of loan? 
2) Type & Address of property? 
3) Current As-Is Value of property and how is that Value being arrived at?
4) Detailed Breakdown of the Use of proceeds? 
5) Length of loan? 
6) Exit strategy? 
7) Borrower’s Pricing Expectation (rate & point wise)? 
8) Besides you…are there any other brokers attached or are you working direct with the people that will be borrowing the funds?


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