We have added a NEW resource to our Legacy Asset Solutions network and are looking to assist those who may not have found the financing they needed for Projects!!!

This is a Direct To Lender firm providing $10k to $1M for Projects with 24-48hr approvals and funding in as little as 5 days! 

They are also looking at Principle's experience and NOT just Credit Scores or Financials in their decision making.  If you have been in business at least 8 months and have a bank account then we may be able to assist. History & performance outweighs other factors as they are seasoned Entrepreneurs themselves.

We have a one page Application form ready for you now - email us and we will connect you with this lender for no obligation quote & no up front fees!

28 States Supported currently and adding more... 

Alabama   Arizona   Delaware   Hawaii   Idaho   Illinois  

Indiana   Iowa   Kansas   Kentucky   Louisiana

Maine   Maryland   Minnesota   Mississippi   Missouri

New Hampshire   North Carolina   Pennsylvania

South Carolina   Utah   Virginia   Washington

West Virginia   Wisconsin   Wyoming


Attached you will find the Application form - Please email to linda.legacy.asset.solutions@gmail.com

Linda King - Legacy Asset Solutions


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Residential acquisition: If you loan 65% LTV, is it ok if the seller carries  35% ??                Thanks  Jim Yockey 316 616 7963 jimyoc@gmail.com

Hello Jim - For this particular Program you would be in a great position if carrying 35%.

They are "Big Picture" guys and will find creative financing for most Projects.

If you fit the criteria I outlined above, I would suggest filling out the Application form as they are actively seeking Projects. Once I have this, you will be given a dedicated Financial Specialist to work with!

We do work with several funding firms so feel free to send more details if you would like...


Thanks for connecting Jim!


Good morning Linda,

RealEstates-in.com - Global Real Estate Business Line start-up

Following commercial Internet Real Estate Project project looking for fund
- portal is a part of huge Global Real Estate Internet Business Line Project, see below:

I'm looking for funds to develop 3-main portals of this project = .eu, .asia and .com
Needed financing is closing in amount 285000USD.

Project, in broad terms, will going to: cover, complette worlds agents, agencies, brokers, developers, architects, designers "under one roof" and finally dominate Continentally or Globally Real Estate Internet Business Line - and be handled in "one owner's hand".
Don't be suggested by current fronted view of www.realestates-in.com - it may be changed.

I'm considering possibility to sell whole project to responsible and stronger future owner.

If anybody can be interesting to help/participate/buy - please contact me on

With Best Regards
Grzegorz Olszewski


Grzegorz - The above mentioned Program only supports USA projects in the 28 states listed.

If you are seeking Business Financing of $10M or above for what you are describing, then I do have an International Business Finance firm.  You would have to send me your Summary as it doesn't seem to be for Real Estate, but for a web business... Is this correct?

Thank you - lk


Could you please send more information about your REI programs to purplepliers@ptd.net  Thank you.

Principal CASH private lenders are needed to finance our Clients' 

purchases of below market, single family residential properties, nationwide. 

* Funding needed from $20,000.00 to $500,000.00,up to 6 month terms 

* Investment NEVER exceeds 70% of Full Market Value .

* You hold up to 100% title interest to the property until repayment

* You also hold a pre signed quit claim deed in escrow.

* Earn up to a 36% annualized return 

If you are a PRINCIPAL lender, please go to:

www.lpmtrust.tk ,then click the tab "Low Risk High Return Lending" 
for more information


J. Hooks


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