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We at ReCasa Financial Group lend to real estate investors for the purpose of rehab, purchase and refinance. We offer a rehab loan program with 100% financing for the purchase, cost of improvements and soft costs, up to 70% of the ARV for 1-4 family non-owner occupied properties. It is a 9 month loan term with monthly interest only payments and no prepayment penalty. We offer free prequalification and we are a full doc lender. The rehab loan program is currently offered in OH, PA, NY, NJ, NC, SC, TN, KS, MO, IN & IL. 

We are also a mortgage broker and can help with purchases and refinances in OH, IN & PA!

Call us today for all of your real estate financing needs!


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Good afternoon Nikki

My wife Sandra and I are investors (rehab/flip) in the cocoa beach fl. area. We are currently looking @ bank owned properties. On average they are listing bettween 70K and 90K. The ARV's are generally 130K to 150K. respectivly. Could you please send me your terms and conditions with regards to these types of properties.. Thank you for your time.

Hi James,

I am sorry but we do not currently lend in FL. 

Why Not CT

I'm looking for a loan for a home that needs Rehabbing. I want to get a ARV loan with 100% Financing. Meaning that i would like to get the loan on the home with out paying anything out of my pocket until the home is Rehabbed and sold. I would like to get the loan for 1 year and if i pay the loan early there would be no penalties on the loan. Can you help me and i hope there is no fee's. I just gave some one from this site money and i have not received my loan. I lost all my money. So i called my police station and they are looking into it. The price on the home is $70000 and the Rehab is $45000
Thank You for your Reply.
Carlos Rivera Jr

We do not currently lend in CT. It is not one of the areas we lend in. Also, our loan is also only for 9 months. I am sorry we cannot help you.

We have a property under contract and looking for purchase, rehab costs and some of the soft money. Could you send me more info.



Terri Lewis

Hi Terri! 

I just sent you an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Nikki Hauenstein


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