I am a licensed real estate agent in NJ and PA.  I am interested in getting a personal, unsecured loan of $150K for transactional funding.  I have access to some pretty good bank foreclosures.  I would like to be able to buy these properties and flip them to other investors.  I will be doing no rehab/repairs etc... just buying and flipping.  I am a member of national real estate investors organization that has over 5000 active buying members.  I buy low and sell low so there's a win-win scenario and the properties move. I am serious, but just tired of jumping through hoops with lenders and paying fees only to be told I need collateral or they don't offer this funding.  If this is an area you fund, then please advise.  Much appreciated.

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Ok, how do we get started.  What are your requirements?  Thanks


We do unsecured loan up to $400,000.  We are an out of the box lender.  Check out our website:

www.GetUnsecureLoan.com or call me directly at 651-308-9780 and I would be more than happy to answer your question.  There are no upfront fee to you.


Kay Vang-Thao

Founder/President of Sales and Marketing

Financial Saver Network, Inc


FYI, My unsecured loan is not credit card but true cash loan.  We can also do true Lines of Credit too, with checks.  Yes we can also do lines of credit that have no interest the first 12 months or more.  But all these lines that are being advertise are credit card being use as cash.  There are cost to take out the cash..So if you are looking at true cash loan we can deliver.

Hi Paul,

Get yourself an unsecured business line of credit.

You use what you need. No interest first 6-12 month.

Just a low success fee of 8% if and after you are approved and funded.

Can use funds for whatever your business needs.

I attach a doc with info and how to start.

Be well, Ana



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