Office Condo Developer Needs Capital Partner****BE PART OF SOMETHING BIG*****

My Employer is seeking capital $10 million - $200 million.  We currently have 25 buildings under

contract nationwide, awaiting redevelopment of office condos. These buildings are occupied.  We will be

turning tenants into owners within 30 days. We have banks ready for processing. We are looking to do 

$200 million/quarter  in assets.  We are looking for JV Capital Partner.  

*****ROI: @ 8% 1 year with monthly payments

*****Secured: 1st position lien

******up to 50% equity in a debt free office building(s)


Jonathan Pierre May

Acquisition Analyst

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Send me a executive summary of your project to

Hello, My name is Raymond Day, I am a Loan Consultant with CREBF. 
I help individuals and businesses acquire Commercial Funding to purchase Commercial Income producing Real Estate and Refinance existing Commercial properties owned. I also can do Business Loans for many types of business ventures, from $150K up to $50 million. 

We have sources for all types of Conventional Commercial Funding, all FHA loans, SBA, Transactional Funding, Bridge Funding, Accounts Receivable (short term loans), Notes, etc. 

Our Lenders lend on all types of Commercial Income producing ventures, such as Apartments, Shopping Centers, Office, MH Parks, RV Parks, Hotels, Resorts, Golf Courses, Self-Storage, Warehouses, Gas Stations, Car Washes, Auto Dealerships, Restaurants, Marina’s, Assisted Living, Hospitals, Senior Housing, accounts receivable, ect. 

We also, have sources for up to 70% (ARV) Acquisition & Rehab (A/R) Real Estate loans including closing cost. (This should be 100% of your cost). 

For funding info; email me a short Executive Summary about your business experience. Include any past and current business ventures. Also the amount of the loan that you are seeking, and the reason for the loan. 

We also have a referral program, let me know if you would like more information on how our referral payout system works. 
Thank You 
Raymond Day, Loan Consultant 
Text or call 615-838-7899 


can you send executive summary to

Structured Products & Equity


Investment Profile:

Targeted for sponsors with transactions that require higher leverage, more complex structuring, creativity, or have a business plan that is not appropriate for traditional capital sources.



Transaction focus:

Focus is on value added, distressed, opportunistic situations, and special situations (No new construction.)



Asset Class: 


Ÿ  Multifamily

Ÿ  Retail

Ÿ  Office

Ÿ  Industrial

Ÿ  Land

Ÿ  Condominiums

Ÿ  Non-performing loans

Ÿ  Other special situations




Senior debt, preferred equity, mezzanine debt, and joint venture equity.



Target returns:

Adjusted based on transaction risk and project leverage.



Investment Horizon:

6-36 months






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