Get a line of credit for your business using your R/E! 

This is a new program that just rolled out!  

Here are some of the highlights! 

- Credit is never a factor!  
- Use your LLC or Corp
- Perfect with people that own R/E but with bad credit
- Up to 60% LTV
- Again, a business line of credit, not a loan.
- Interest only payments
- Can close in a week
- No upfront fees
- Great for builders that need a line of credit
- Great for Realtors that need a line of credit
- Fico is never a factor
- Any type of R/E as/is property.  No Mobile homes please.  
- Up to $750k  

If you have any questions please email at or call us at 877-737-2388 

Also visit, Where Financial Freedom IS Yours! 

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How is the loan paid back on a $750,000 loan? what interest do you charge?

Chuck hernandez

Hello Charles,

Since the program is new, the rate that we've seen has been in the 4's on two deals.  I will get more information on Monday if you're interested.  Please contact the manager at or if you want, please leave your information here and I'll have him contact you. 


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