Thanks for connecting with me here on realestatefinance.ning.com. I always look forward to networking with like-minded professionals. Here's a little bit about me: I provide experienced real estate investors private purchase funding for Non-owner occupied, Single Family Residential (1-4 units), light commercial, smaller developments, 6 months to 30 years terms, up to 65% LTV (can be higher with other criteria), in various areas of the country. I also provide rehab funding, gap funding and transactional funding. Also, since this is private money, all terms are negotiable and we can get very creative on deal structure. Just checking to see if there might be something within our business models where we might find some synergy?? Have a great day today! 

Heider William Robert 

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Mr. Roberts,

I came across your posting and wanted to receive some information on the GAP Lending mentioned in your message.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kevin Rizzo

GAP funding is mainly for those establishing a new business and are hoping to pay back the interest from the proceeds gotten from the new business. In this type of funding, the borrower would be given a long grace period to be able to raise enough funds to start the repayment. Meanwhile, Most often used in context with early-stage companies during the initial stages of research, product development and marketing. The ease with which a very young company receives funding depends on many factors including the viability of the business model, barriers for entry for that particular industry, and overall economic and market conditions. When the stock markets are strong, venture capital investors are much more likely to fund startup companies, and may even become less stringent in their eligibility criteria. Funding gaps are also more likely at these early stages because a company won't know what its full operating expense will be until it reaches a more mature stage and, at first, there aren't likely to be any meaningful revenues coming in. \

If you are in accordance with the terms, kindly email me at heiderwilliamroberts@gmail.com or call (408) 618-3239 so that we can startup the loan process.


can you provide more info about your funding program I have a project that need funding david hickles email code3@yahoo.com

Check your email for my term and conditions. Thank you


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