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We are direct private bridge lenders.  We fund all of our loans using our own balance sheet.  We do not use any 3rd party capital.  If you need quick financing or can't get a loan from the bank, please contact Auri Streit at 818-787-6940 or  For more information, please visit our website:

Loan Criteria

Loan types:                   First and second trust deeds.

Interest rates:                Starting at 8%.

Loan Amounts:              $350,000 - $5,000,000 ($1,000,000 minimum outside of California).

LTV:                             Generally up to 60%.  Higher Selectively.

Property Type:              Commercial and Residential (business purpose).

Location:                      California, the Western, Midwestern & Southern United States.

Term:                            Up to 2 years.

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Mr. Streit, I am an investor and would like too speak with you if you can fund the purchase portion of this home  which is located in a water privledge, much sought after community in Anne Arundel County, Maryland within Annapolis. THE PRICE OF THE HOME IS $499,000 AND IS A FORECLOSURE. MOST HOMES IN THIS COMMUNITY ARE PRICED AT $595,000 - $3,000,000 (ON THE WATER). I would pay for the complete renovation which would amount to Approximately $85,000 - $100,000. Once completed, and/or more likely would be sold before completed, home would sell 

Hello Terry, 

Thanks for the inquiry.  Unfortunately, I don't think this is a fit for us.  Outside of California, where we are based, our minimum loan size is $1m.  As such, this loan is too small for us.  



Hello Auri,

Thank you for your prompt response. In the future I will be sure to read the complete Offer. Sorry

We will be in touch and please keep my info.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: UNIFIED INVESTMENT GROUP (UIG), LLC is a business specializing in the acquisition of short sales, foreclosures, and/or otherwise distressed Residential, Commercial and Federal Government properties. UIG has a complete system that allows us to give property

owners, prospective buyer(s)/seller(s), and end users of the properties, confidence in our strategy of obtaining pricing and final resolution of the property. Our experienced group of listing agents, buyer agents, and brokers, in coordination with a variety of settlement and closing groups, and the various mortgage banking officials, work well together in this process. Our own staff is well educated in the contract negotiations, and has a well-rounded reputation in this field due to their extensive and diverse backgrounds as mortgage loan officers, appraisers, and real estate agents.

Private Investors are the key to the growth of UIG’s tremendous business opportunity now and into the future, as we expand our efforts in the residential area and the very lucrative commercial world. Utilizing funds from private lenders enables UIG to finance these highly discounted properties (40% to 60 %) for a substantial profit. These properties would then be sold to cash buyers, hedge funds and/or other interested parties. In return, the private investor receives a substantially higher rate of return than ordinarily would be realized in the stock market or other investments.

Private investors with self-directed IRA or Roth IRAs have a tremendous opportunity to increase the value of their individual accounts by investing those funds, taxes deferred, into the real estate market.

UIG’s investment opportunity includes a lucrative higher Annual Rate of Return for the principal amount borrowed. These funds are placed in an escrow account agreed to by both parties and continually utilized in future purchases of properties and then distributed and/or re-invested on an annual basis. These funds are secured with guarantees and agreements to the private investor, such as a temporary assignment of the deed of trust and/or other negotiated agreements between the Private Investor and Unified Investment Group, LLC.

Unified Investment Group LLC’s Chief Executive Officer, Terry McGovern, has a wealth of diverse experience in the Federal and private sector. He began his career at the U.S. Senate, in Washington D.C. where he served as Assistant Director of Data Communications, and was responsible for the procurement, installation and maintenance of a state of the art, large data network operation. He later ventured into the private sector, where he held a number of lucrative marketing positions, and then started his own successful business, Allied Communications as CEO and President overseeing the contract negotiations, implementation and daily operations. His interest in real estate has always intrigued Mr. McGovern, and by studying the market and with the opportunities, he ultimately decided to capitalize upon this market initially as a Real Estate Agent, and ultimately as an Investor for over 15-years.

Hi Terry, 

Not a problem at all.  I will be sure to keep your information.



I am a turn key rental flipper in the midwest. I buy/rehab/lease residential properties and then sell them to investors as turn key.  I have managed this process with over 300 properties in the last 3 years. I would like to expand my business this year. I would like to find an partner/investor with 4 million dollars. This 4m would buy/rehab/lease about 100 properties with an average loan price for each one at $40,000. This 40k covers 100% of Hud closing amount and total rehab which is 65-70% of my end sale price.  I put a mortgage on each property for the purchase and rehab amount when I buy. This ensures full investment is secured with collateral. The best fit for my lending needs would be to find one investor with 4 million that can allocate funds for each property as I buy. I plan to buy about 4 properties a week in 5 different cities which would use about 160k a week until the 4 million mark was used up. Once a property is leased I sell to my end buyers which pays off the loans.

I am currently working on business plan but not finished. I pay currently pay good returns while fully securing money backed by real estate. 
Please email me if you have interest. 

Hi Clayton, 

Thanks for the inquiry.  Unfortunately, I don't think we can be of service to you. We focus solely on real estate debt. In general, we only consider blanket loans on five properties or less because we like to evaluate each property separately.  In addition, outside of California, where we are based, our minimum loan size is $1m.




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