Need financing for two buyers with credit scores between 550 and 650

Have two buyers with stable income, but credit hiccups, looking to purchase owner-occupied residential homes. Both have divorce items on credit reports that were not their responsibility. Both have found homes they like between $100k and $130k. Need financing.

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Try first guaranty mortgage out of Maryland they can do down to 580 with 3.5% down and 10% down under 580 to a 530 still have to have a strong file and reserves. I would help but I can only do texas but first guaranty is licensed in all states, they have a good system just a little behind

We can help you with the loan. We offer personal, company and business loans to individuals and companies in severe need. Apply now and get your financial problems solved. The interest rate is 3% yearly. Contact us via e-mail:

I have a lender that does 65% of after repair value, they cover the purchase rice and rehab monies, one week closing, no credit needed, 10% interest rate. The cap out at the 100k purchase amounts and will fund the entire contract as long as the 65% after repair value is enough to cover rehab and purchase amount. That equals a 100% loan.

The only things needs to fund, is the contract, contractor rehab bid on their letterhead and a broker price opinion from a local broker. This loan can be use for multi purchases and is great for investor to get 100% funding as well, as long as they are buying home over the 100K amount. If interested fill out a contact form on my website. I use the same rogram and have quite a few homes in my business profile       OR email me at DLLLOANS@GMAIL.COM

Carina - I might be able to assist with an unsecured credit line if your clients are interested.

I have attached our Unsecured Credit line information which usually wants to see a 660 score but they can sometimes be flexible and/or provide creative options. 

Clients can either use the application form or go online for 24hr approval at LegacyFinanceNeeds
We are happy to assist where we can!



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