Need Construction Loan of $700,000 for $1.3 mill after built Property

I have a client looking for 

a construction loan to build

a Luxury Retreat Multi-room House/Villa.

Property is in Tobermory Ont. Can.

The borrower already has a similar property

already operating in next door

so he knows how to profitable it could be.

He has a proven track record.

He rents is it out and makes about $75,000 CDN /yr gross.

Expense total about $24,000/yr.

He needs the loan for the life of the construction period

which is estimated at 6-8 mths.

He wants to start building right away.

Go to these videos to see the existing property which is operating

profitably, and also why the area is so suited for retreat vacations.

If you have funds available for this 

please contact me.

My email direct is

Giovanni (John) Prete

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I would like to schedule a call to discuss further. I'm a commercial mortgage broker with no upfront fees. I work with a company that provides construction loans for Canada, Caribbean, Central America, Mexico and South America. I see no problem as long as your client has the experience, a sound investment and meaningful equity in the project.


Doug Braxton
Commercial Mortgage Broker
Braxton and Company, LLC
P: (800) 230-1424 |

Ok thanks

Try our easy loan program that qualifies almost anyone. Just open the link provided to choose which type of loan is for you. Thank you very much

We have a Canadian-based investor & US-based investor that may have some interest.

Send me an Executive Summary and we will review and offer next steps to financing.

James Crigler



Due to your post, this is a deal i could make happen for you if you are still interested in funding?

Contact me directly

Looking forward to hear from you.
Best Regard

If you are okay with 5% interest rate, Contact me lets discuss.

Mitch Bedke

Possibly he can offer to secure this deal for you


James Karcz | Private Lender
Private Funding Services LLC
2700 N. Central Ave., #900
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(480) 524-1763


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