Capital available per line is $10 million. Any amount not drawn is on standby.

Interest payments on the amount drawn. Up to 5 year term and 99% of line request amount. It is the best hard money loan on the market!

Contact: Mr. Nate Caffee at 346-718-8977 or

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Hello. May I have more details about your program? What are the qualifications for getting approved? Thank you.

This message poster, John Clark, is not a true member in this site, please do not believe or even read his post.

I followed his post, called Nate Caffee at the number that he put in the post, Nate said he know nothing about it, don't even know who the hell john clark is. Nate tone sounds like I am the scammer,(not a good feeling though) I explained to him about the site, he is not really listen. This john clark posted 2 messages, put in contact to someone else, rather than himself. He must playing joke or hate that person, and disturb someone life. This site is legit, and go away, we are doing real business here.  


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