NOT a co-signer, but someone who wants to be paid a portion of the profits of real estate deals being done by an experienced investor in the Orlando, Florida market.

"guarantor n. a person or entity that agrees to be responsible for another's debt or performance under a contract, if the other fails to pay or perform"

Based on the breadth of our experience, we have never lost money on a transaction! That is an interesting statement in a somewhat volatile market space like real estate, but... one that is true!

I am a successful investor, and also own a real estate brokerage that we use to find, and then sell our properties. We have the ability to completely rehab (to the point of actually furnishing and staging for the short term rental market if needed) using our network of contractors that we have used for years.

To take advantage of a new market opportunity, we want to expand our business by using our HUD credentials to begin offering on homes that are owned by HUD, doing "curb appeal" rehabs to make the properties presentable, and then listing them for sale through our brokerage, and also wholesaling to other investors that would like to rehab.

Typical cycle of funds for an individual project is:

  • Make a low price offer and get accepted
  • Send in completed contract and earnest money (either 500 or 1,000)
  • Inspect the house and begin to market
  • In 30 to 45 days, close on the property
  • Hopefully our pre-marketing has found us a buyer on one of our outlets
    • If yes... then an A to B - B to C closing on the same day
    • If not... then close and immediately clean it up and list on MLS
  • Sell the house
  • Pay off the Line of Credit
  • Split the profits with our Guarantor... and do it again.

We track by spreadsheet showing all costs, and the flow of funds...

We have agreed ahead of time what the profit split will be.

The attached photo is an example... it was purchased from HUD at 10 AM for $ 111,150, nothing was done to it, and it was sold the same day at 2 PM for $ 124,900 to a buyer we found on CraigsList. 

John Rogers

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Mr. Rogers

We can bring the funds you need via our 100% JV Funding program.

No down payment, credit or monthly payments required.

Our Hedge Fund  partners with you, buys the property using 100% of their own money, splits net resale profits with you 50-50.

For full details visit our web site at: 

Then, click the tab at the top: " Buy-Fix-Flip No Cash or Credit"




I have three lease/option tenants who will be buying this year.

Can you do:

  • FHA loan where they have already done an option deposit equal to 5% of agreed sell price
  • Manufactured home on land
  • Will appraise and pass inspection

Let me know...

John Rogers


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