We work with people/businesses to fund both national and international projects .Expertise is in medical, commercial, and retail. About half the projects we look for are deals with buildings in some way or another from development, renovations, and expansions. The other half of the projects types range from oil deals, energy,acquisitions,
manufacturing, etc.
For national projects we can start at $1,000,000
For international projects we start at $15,000,000
Must have skin in game .10% and up,depending on project.
Terms will be determined on the strength of project.
No up front fees.
We look at each project to see if it would be a fit to have equity or not.
Most projects we will just do loan.
Takes 30-60 days depending on how fast you get the info to us.
Depending on your project we can get some clients to chat with  Joint-partnerships,depending on project.
We also have a SBLC/ BG  funding program via a 110 year old top tier bank in Austria and Germany. They also have affiliates in Canada.

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My name is Francisco Sosa, I been work we the owner of the largest real estate property available in the Caribbean 
This is the largest land available throughout the Caribbean, We can do a join venture or sale the land. but we need to do some work like clean and make a road into the property. We need about $ 30,000,000 - 500 Millions It depends on the terms and conditions. This property market value is over 1.8 Billion USD
Future Constructions
Luxuries Villas
Golf course
Polo Field
sports complex
And More.
Best Regards
Francisco Sosa


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