Looking for RVS /Trailers park loan in west tx (crystel city)

Dear all Landers  on this site,

we are looking or loan for Deer Fly RVS park .

land:         8 acres

developed: 4 acres

Income:    $20k to 25k/m

cap rate:   20% to 23%

nice park :30 spaces; (50 more spaces need to add,bring $25k /m  more in Revenue)

looking for loan:

price: $700,000

D.P:   $150,000

Equity: $150,000 (20 -trailers and 1 M.H Home 3/2 new two yrs old & Misc= $150k)

looking for loan: $550k (for 5 yrs pay off ; amortization@15 yrs mortgage)

client credit: 750+

Net worth:  $2.00Million

Broker/realtor-property manager

no other debts all paid off

closing:31st january ,2014

looking for loan or low interest loan with all documents /hard money ASAP

send e.mail:ashdharia@hotmail.com


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Please call Sam Thomas at Paramount Financial Partners (515) 554-5541

dear Samuel Thomas,


thank you for contacting our AV FINANCIAL SVCS. we are in mkt to get this loan is excellent in R.O.I 20% to 23%

annual, and 4 acres need to develop, that can bring another $25k/m after spending $250k for 50 spaces rvs/trailers

see if you have way to finance.


from Ash dharia


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