I have an opportunity to purchase an off market duplex in Clearwater, Florida. The purchase price is $375k. I am able to put 10% down. The seller is willing to carry a 15% down which would give me 75% LTV. I have good credit and currently own my own home and another rental property. 

This duplex is occupied by 2 renters, each paying $1400 a month for a total monthly income of $2800 a month. The property is in average condition but no major rehab is needed. This would be a long term investment property for me. One great thing about this property is that it is just 4 blocks from the Gulf so beach proximity makes this a very high demand property. The seller inherited this property and would rather sell it to an investor like me than to put it on the market and pay a Realtor 6%.

Can any of the lenders out there do this loan with me putting 10% down and using a 15% seller carry for the rest of the down payment? Good credit, close to $100k verifiable income for me.


Jamie Cafaro

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I can do this loan for you if you can put 15% down. I have an option to allow for a 10% carry on 1 to 4 unit purchases. Rate and term you would be at 6.75 to 7% with 700 credit score on a 30 year fixed.


 Jamie Cafaro :

Please send your client's related project information for our investor initial underwriting.


David Lee


Jamie, we will be happy to do this loan, please fill out the form so we can give you a quote.  Thanks. 

Reggie Truss/loanfather336@gmail.com

Reggie TrussVFS%20Loan%20Quote%20Request%20%282%29%20%281%29.pdf


Reach out to me if you are still looking for funding, I can do the loan for you.

My name is David lessnick with Lenders Capital ( private person lending ) and can do a loan at 5% interest rate.

davidlessnick@lenders-capitalllc.com, davidlessnick@outlook.com


I’m lending now 

no hidden fees 

contact me



Contact me for more information 


+1 6618294055



25% Down  = 10% Buyer Down + 15% Seller carry

Pretty standard & totally doable


Hello Jamie, hope you are staying safe with this pandemic we are facing. If you are still seeking financing  I may be able to help

Visit my webpage and complete the application, once I review your request I will call you.


Have you received funding for this project yet? If not i maybe able to assist you. Let me know when you have a moment at carlos@cdccapitalpartners.com

Thanks for your time


Please contact me on tomaswood@mail.com

To investor
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