Looking for Financing on 84 rental properties in CA. AZ. NV.

I have 84 assets that we have owned for about a year, we have rehabbed all the assets and would like to keep them long term.

ARV 17.7m

Rents 130k a month

looking for 2 to 5 year loan..

75 to 80% ltv

Here is who we are www.strategicLa.com 

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Hi Mathew,

We would be glad to review an Executive summary for better evaluation of the opportunity,

Thank you to get in touch at feridismail@gmail.com

Kind regards,


Mr Dool

We can provide the funding for your real estate portfolio  via our unique Private Capital Raise package 

No credit requirements,no minimum financial requirements, non recourse

For more information go to: 



Look no further I am not a broker me and my board members are the lenders we are looking for deals like this to add to our portfolio email me at cannon19722013@gmail.com or call me at 314 -323-2315.


Shawn cannon

I can help you with this. We can also do seller held second. 561-444-9460 proloans@comcast.net

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