We have good borrower who's land value in NY state is $3 million (140+ acres). Looking for $800,000 to finish subdivision, pay taxes and clean up current loan ($300K).

Only direct lender with no 'up front' fees, call Bill @ 800-753-7840

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Thank you for the information. Many like yourself have been and will be scammed. Law enforcement is too busy and backed up with other priorities to pay much attention to these kinds of crimes. You have to be extremely careful with whom you deal with. Even as sophisticated as we are, we have still been fooled in the past, which is why we deal only with banks and known lenders who we have worked with in the past. If you are still looking for funding my advice would be to try the publication "Scotsman Guide". 


Actually, I have one of these scammers sitting in jail right now. I tracked him down. He tried to run but they got him. I also tracked down 15 others he had scammed. He has been arrested in Colorado is now facing extradition to New Orleans, 3 Counties in Florida, Tennessee, Georgia and Baltimore. The difference is, I gave the police enough information instead of just saying "this guy scammed me" I was stupid, I looked into them a bit but not enough, that won't happen anymore. 

 I hope all is well.  I saw your loan request and I believe I can get your loan funded ASAP.

If your interested please email myself an Executive Summary on your Loan Request / Project 

and we can move forward.  I'm not a direct lender but I work with many Lenders that can fund any

loan once you qualify.  These Lenders Charge No Upfront Fees.  Also I have a Lender that is willing 

to JV with Clients if needed to get your project funded,  this lender also provide Down payment for 

your loan if you qualify.  This Lender require you to be able to show you have some money in the 

bank / you must have some skin in the game and you must have experience or someone with you 

with experience involve with your project.  This Lender has programs that runs as high as 90% 

LTV to 100 % funding ETC.  If your ready to move forward let myself know.



M.Builders & Merchant Investment

Marvin Benjamin




Since we are ourselves long time Commercial broker we only work with know direct lenders or banks. We are also consultants to banks and hedge funds for MCA.



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